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General Store Policies

  • Mana Moon Art reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and blacklist the account information of any customer. 
  • Mana Moon Art reserves the right to terminate a customer's reward points and to cancel any open reward orders should their account be blacklisted due to policy violations.
  • Digital product images are for illustration purposes only.
    Actual products may vary depending on production and design logistics.

Pre-Order Policies

  • By placing a preorder, you agree to the projected delivery date.
    However, due to unforeseeable delays caused by current world events, delays may inevitably happen outside of our control.
    We do not provide additional compensation beyond a full refund for these manufacturer, factory, and shipping issues out of our control and reserve the right to cancel and refund the orders of customers who request additional compensation for these conditions that we is unable to do anything about.
    Mana Moon Art also reserves the right to cancel and refund the orders of customers who are displaying difficult behavior or unreasonable requests to our customer service team.
    We offer full refunds in any instance someone no longer wants an order due to delayed fulfillment time tables.

  • Shipping information can be updated on pre-orders any time up until the order is packed and shipping information is generated.
    In the event of an address change, it is the customer's responsibility to either implement USPS mail forwarding to to reach out to customer service ( to update the shipping information on their order.
    It is not the responsibility of Mana Moon Art to reach out to customers to ensure shipping information is correct upon order fulfillment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do items on the website ever get restocked?
  • A: Items on Mana Moon Art are generally limited run goods that do not get additional waves but there are some exceptions to this.

    Depending on if an item sells out too quickly after its initial launch, some goods may get small additional waves to help accommodate for the demand but after those additional waves there will not be any traditional restocks.
    This is restricted to goods that are non-serialized (ex. sleeves and mats).

    Field centers do not get traditional re-waves due to the serialization system.  If additional copies of a field center are to be produced, it will generally be in the form of a variant that is distinct enough from the original to warrant another run with separate serialization.

    Items such as Oversleeves are currently scheduled to be restocked once or twice a year but there is currently no concrete timetable for these restocks (this is due to logistics and restrictions with the manufacturer).