Release Schedule (Updated on 4/1/2023):

April 8, 2023 - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Harpy Collection:
    • Metal Field Center
    • Sleeves
    • Harpy Border Oversleeves
    • Tower Deck Box
    • Playmat
    • Metal Plated Dice
    • Body Pillow Case

April 15, 2023 - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • RH: Hela Dicewinder Deck Box

April 22, 2023 - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Neon Strikers Dicewinder Deck Box

April 29, 2023 - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Ivory Lady Collection
  • Oden Body Pillow Case


    May 2023 (Individual Dates TBA):

    • Lightbringer’s Judgment Collection:
      • Field Center
      • Sleeves
      • Dicewinder Deck Box
    • Goddess of Duality Field Center & Sleeves
    • Cifer collection
    • Prism Painters Charity Collection:
      • Field Center
      • Sleeves
      • Playmat


    June 2023 (Individual Dates TBA):

    • Shinigami Tech Mini Collection
    • Gun Nun Collection
    • Branded Slayer Collection
    • Luster Soldier of Courage Collection
    • Demon Lord Lilith Collection:
      • 12-Pocket Binder
      • Deck Box
      • Metal Field Center
      • Sleeves


    July 2023 (Individual Dates TBA):

    • Star Dragon Maiden 3D Metal Field Center
    • Avatars of the Elements Collection
    • Neon Maikos Deck Box
    • Kamado Mini Collection & Insect Hashira Mini Collection


      August 2023 (Individual Dates TBA):

      • Sweet Indolchence Deck Boxes
      • Untitled FF/JRPG Inspired Collection (TBA)
      • Infinite Nova Sleeves/FC
      • Chidori Mini Collection


      September 2023 (Individual Dates TBA):

      • Wyrmaiden’s Labyrinth Box Set Bundles
      • Spirit of the Veil Mini Collection
      • Brand of Sacrifice Collection
      • Amazonian Field Center & Sleeves


      October 2023 (Individual Dates TBA):

      • Abyssal Stewardess Tower Deck Box
      • Alice in Wonderland Inspired Collection
      • Oniverse Collection: Linna the Orchid Mantis
      • Calculator Case (Design TBA)


      November 2023 (Individual Dates TBA):

      • Untitled Fighting Game Inspired Collection (TBA)
      • Omni Tower Deck Box
      • Thousand Blossoms Mini Collection
      • Crystalline Coven Collection:
        • Metal Field Center
        • Sleeves
        • Metal Plated Dice (V2)


      December 2023: Fulfilment Focus, No Planned Drops


        Late 2023/Early 2024 (TBA):

        • Wallets
        • Shaker Bottles/Mugs
        • Orica Packs
        • Statues/Figurines
        • Dark Arcanists Hoodie
        • Vertec - TCG Backpacks (Genuine Leather)
        • Gym Shorts
        • Haunted Plexiglass Wall Art + More Wall Art options
        • Demon Shade Mini Collection


          Important Rewards Information:

          As of 7/21/2022, allocation of rewards points via purchases have been disabled as we begin the process of transitioning the program to an alternate system.

          All rewards points allocated by customers will remain in effect for the upcoming "final sale" of Rewards Merchandise coming in April 2023.

          Redeemable items will include special exclusive Rewards merchandise with unlimited redeems until closing date to ensure all customers are able to spend the points they've allocated. There will be redeems that range from High (rare discontinued items), Medium (Field Centers, Sleeves) to Low (Stickers, Oricas). Stay tuned!

                  General Disclaimers:

                  If there are any issues or concerns, please contact us in the following locations for any product-related inquiries; please include Order #'s where applicable:

                  • https://www.manamoon.com/pages/contact

                  • Email us at info@manamoonart.com

                  We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience and support with us!

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