A Message From Amanda (8/12/22):

Hey everyone! Amanda from Team Mana Moon here.

While some of you might be familiar with my involvement in the community for over a decade, it was only in 2020 that I took the leap to try this gig full-time. 

I can't lie. It was scary.

Those of you who know me are aware of my background. We grew up without much. And as an adult, there was no one I could turn to for guidance nor a safety net under the tightrope I walked.

It resulted in a lot of trial and error, and the constant fear of not having fallback if I were to completely fail.

But there was something that kept me determined. Seeing people genuinely excited about the things I create, and finally feeling a meaningful way to apply myself in life after aimlessly wandering for so long– it helped quell those doubts, anxieties, and stressors.

I was committed to making things work, as there was an incredibly supportive community cheering me on. For the first time in my life, I felt a unique purpose that fueled my drive in spite of the back luck the universe enjoyed tossing my way.

And as things grew, so did my realization that this operation is much more than me. From helping our freelance peers generate a stable side income with the product royalties we offer, to raising money on our platform for meaningful causes– I knew I couldn't just keep this a small operation run out of my own living room.

Recently, around 4 storage units of merchandise (and denial) deep, things really sunk in:

I'm running a business. 

I have employees and customers relying on me. 

And as much as I wanted to keep the operation small due to stress and health, it became clear the business wants to grow, whether I want it to or not.

That said, I have been working tirelessly and pouring capital into making some big things happen that will really transform our operation for customers:

One, hired on 3 new team members for fulfillment and service.

Two, invested in a cargo truck to eliminate multiple commutes for shipment dropoffs.

And three….. two days ago, I signed a contract and officially have a commercial 4,200 sqft office with warehouse.

Fulfillment will continue as planned, but there will be a transition period once our new space has completed renovations within the next 2 weeks. Once everything has been moved and set up by the end of the month, our scheduled queue is going to be snapped out of existence. 

The initial gradient into this new system will be a short-term hiccup in what will result in a significant and permanent improvement in our operations.

Additionally, this also means we now finally have the space to logistically handle restocks of in-demand merchandise like oversleeves and dice. While some of our items will remain limited edition, we will finally have a variety of items consistently in-stock going forward, and the capacity for our limited edition items to launch at higher quantities.

I'm nervous but also incredibly excited for this next step of our brand. These investments are ultimately being done to make the experience of purchasing from Mana Moon seamless for all involved, and I can't wait to show everyone what we have in store for the future!

Thank you for your love and support,


Upcoming Release Schedule as of 8/11/2022:

    August 20th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Sakura Rose Leather Letterman Jacket (Pre-Order)
    • Alice and Cheshire Purses
    • Clow Purse
    • Nezuko Mini Bag & Backpack
    • GG Sling
    • Fairy Bow Purse

    August 27th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Oniverse - Shina, The Performafrost & Kyoja, The Sincandescent Field Center & Holographic Sleeves (YGO Sized Only)
    • Battle Dollverse Deck Box

    September 10th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Flame Hashira Deck Box
    • Aluna Deck Box
    • Spring Fleur Deck Box

    September 17th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Harvest Angel Lexi (Seasonal 3/4 - Fall) Metal Field Center & Sleeves
    • Pepe Chipless Metal Dice
    • Doge Chipless Metal Dice

     September 24th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • 12 x 16 inch Limited Giant Metal Field Centers (00X/100 - $84.99 Each):
      • Origin Rose
      • Barren Blossom
      • Puppet Tamers
      • Wyrmaidens (Wind Wyrm / Dark Wyrm)
      • Symphonic Automatons
      • Brave Adventures
      • Little Witch Ecclesia
      • Wonder Witch Gals
    • Neon Maikos Metal Field Center & Holographic Sleeves

    October 1st - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Raising Hell - Leoris & Eve 2-Player Playmat
    • Master of Puppets Deck Boxes (PU/Vegan and Full Grain Leather Options)

    October 8th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Sweet Wonderland Metal Field Center & Sleeves

    October 15th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • The Fallen Sovereigns 2-Player Playmat - Exiled of Eden & Lucifer, the Primeval Sin (Metal Field Center & Sleeves - Maybe)
    • The Fallen Sovereigns Oversleeves
    • The Fallen Sovereigns Deck Box

    October 22nd - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Avatar of Fire Acala Metal Field Center & Sleeves
    • Professor Snu Snu Dwheel Collection:
      • Playmat
      • Metal Field Center
      • Sleeves (YGO and MTG Sizes)

    November 5th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Aquastrians Collection:
      • Playmat
      • Metal Field Center
      • Deck Box
      • Sleeves
      • Oversleeves
      • Stickers
      • Pin

    November 12th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Messenger of the Divine Metal Field Center & Sleeves
    • Ninja Field Center & Sleeves

    November 19th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Tales of Ecclesia Limited Edition Box Set Bundles (Standard, Special, & Completionist Editions)

    December 3rd - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

    • Snow Harpy Val (Seasonal 4/4 - Winter) Metal Field Center & Sleeves
    • Abyssal Stewardess Deck Box
    • Angel of Duality Deck Box
    • Get Jinxed! Deck Box & Sleeves (Restock)
    • Get Jinxed! Chipless Metal Dice
    • General Oversleeve Restock:
      • Rabby & Friends
      • Dragon Dynasty
      • Crystalline Coven
    • Rescue Kitty Plushie
    • Frog Plushie

    2023 (TBA):

    • Sakura Rose Dragon Trade Binder
    • Candy Girls Deck Box
    • Convertible Leather Bags
    • Orica Packs
    • Crystalline Coven Collection:
      • Playmat
      • Metal Field Center
      • Holographic Sleeves
      • Chipless Metal Dice
    • Elemental Charmers Deck Box

      Product & Fulfillment Updates as of 8/11/2022:

      General Updates:

      We should be receiving some older pending products in the very near future. We encourage any customer that has purchased one of the following items to please send us an email if their shipping address has changed since placing the order:

      • Trevor Project Field Centers
      • Trinity Kickstarter



      As of 7/21/2022, allocation of rewards points via purchases have been disabled as we begin the process of transitioning the program to an alternate system.

      All rewards points allocated by customers will remain in effect for the upcoming "final sale" of Rewards Merchandise coming in Fall 2022.

      Redeemable items will include special exclusive Rewards merchandise with unlimited redeems until closing date to ensure all customers are able to spend the points they've allocated. There will be redeems that range from High (rare discontinued items), Medium (Field Centers, Sleeves) to Low (Stickers, Oricas). Stay tuned!


      The current fulfillment queue priorities for August 2022 are as follows in no particular order:

      • Trevor Project Metal Field Centers
      • Trinity Kickstarter Orders
      • KC BEWD Authentic Leather Letterman Jackets
      • Oversleeves
      • Unvaulted Mats
      • Chipless Metal Dice
      • Battle Doll Metal Field Centers
      • E-KO Sleeves
      • The Pirate Hunter XXL Gaming Mousepads
      • Space Bounty Holographic Sleeves
      • Spy Brigade Collection
      • Get Jinxed! Collection
      • Farra, The White Wolf Collection
      • Dragon Dynasty Collection
      • Oniverse and Frog Mat Bags
      • The Fallen Angel Deck Box
      • Automaton 9-Pocket Trade Binders
      • Variant 2 Mona Metal Field Centers
      • Raising Hell - Field Centers, Stickers, and Salvation's End Mats
      • Space Bounty Holographic Sleeves

      Please refer to the General Disclaimers below on how to reach us for any shipping address changes!

      Specific Fulfillment Updates:

        KC BEWD Authentic Leather Letterman Jacket:

        • These have been successfully received by the Fulfillment Team; however, the jackets are being remade and finishing up production as the initial run that they sent us were not up to our quality standards. These improved jackets are currently in transit to us and have arrived as of July 2022.

        • We will be sending all customers who ordered these both the old and new version of the jackets sometime in August 2022.

          Spy Brigade Collection:

          • We have a large shipment of Sleeves coming to us near the end of June 2022. As such, order fulfillment has begun on the Spy Brigade collection. 
          • We are still waiting on the Pvramid mats to be sent to us and order fulfillment begin once they arrive sometime in August 2022.

            Trevor Project Metal Field Centers:

            • The Fulfillment Team has the Magician Gal x Harpy Field Centers; however, the Pharaoh x CEO Field Centers could not be remade by another manufacturer domestically after they were destroyed by customs in November 2021.

            • As compensation, we will be sending all customers with extra Magician Gal x Harpy sleeves. These sleeves are currently in transit to us with an estimated fulfillment window of August/September 2022. 

            • The full resolution images for the Pharaoh x CEO will be available for download and anyone has permission to print for personal use. We are very sorry that we could not deliver these Field Centers to you.

            Trinity Kickstarter:

            • All products from the Trinity Kickstarter have been completed and received by the Fulfillment Team with the exception of the Artbooks, Pins, and Stickers.

            • We have reordered the Artbooks and will send them out to all customers once they finish production later on. Order fulfillment is currently TBA and we are hoping to get them out after the Trevor Project Field Centers and KC Jackets.

            The Gilded Rose Deck Boxes:

            • These are currently all on schedule and should be completed sometime in August/September 2022. These may take some time to ship as we want to take extra precautions to make sure these are shipped in accordance to their luxury price point.

            Goat Plushies:

            • The Goat Plushies are currently in production and are estimated to be a bit delayed. Order fulfillment is estimated to occur in September 2022.

            General Disclaimers:

            If there are any issues or concerns , please contact us in the following locations for any product-related inquiries; please include Order #'s where applicable:

            • https://www.manamoon.com/pages/contact

            • Email us at info@manamoonart.com

            We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience and support with us!

             - Sincerely, 
            The Mana Moon Art Support Team