Upcoming Release Schedule as of 5/14/2022:

May 21st - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Battle Doll Field Centers (LEA, BUN, & E-KO)
  • E-KO Sleeves (70 ct - JP/Yugioh & MTG/Standard Sized)
  • The Pirate Hunter XXL Gaming Mousepad (Artwork by KAINONAUT)
  • Space Bounty Holographic Sleeves [JP/Yugioh Sized Only] (Artwork by KAINONAUT)

May 28th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Limited Emperor Longyuan Mat / FC / Sleeves
  • Get Jinxed! Collection (Build-a-Bundle)

June 4th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Farra Collection (Binder & Deck Box)
  • Automaton Binder 2.0 (Mini Drop)
  • Fallen Angel Deck Box (Mini Drop)

June 11th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Lizardo and Haunted Dice w/ Chase Variants
  • Crest Dice Complete Set (Pre-Order)

June 18th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Raiden Izayoi & Zhongli Fudo Field Center
  • Blackrose Gown Collection

June 25th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Tour Marin Field Center
  • The Champion's Force Deck Box + Variant FC and Dice

July 2nd - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Demon Slayer Dice
  • Genshin Dice

July 9th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • Gluttony vs Omen Mat
  • Summer Ra Field Center

July 16th - 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET:

  • EVIL ☆ ⅂IɅƎ Limited Edition Box Set Bundles (Standard, Special, & Completionist)

Product & Fulfillment Updates as of 5/14/2022:

General Updates:

We should be receiving some older pending products in the very near future. We encourage any customer that has purchased one of the following items to please send us an email if their shipping address has changed since placing the order:

  • Magician Gal Dice
  • Trevor Project Field Centers
  • Trinity Kickstarter

Please refer to the General Disclaimers on how to reach us for any shipping address changes!

Specific Fulfillment Updates:

Magician Gal Dice:

  • The Magician Gal Dice have finished production and have been received by the Fulfillment Team. The massive delays on this were caused by the manufacturer not perfecting the details of the surfaces and had to continuously be remade until perfected. These are currently around 60% fulfilled and should finish within the next week or two.


  • Wave 1: All Oversleeve orders from Wave 1 have currently been packed and shipped with the exception of some that contain Sweet Indolchence ones. A new shipment of these are in transit to us now and these orders will be shipped once they arrive.
  • Wave 2: All Oversleeve orders from Wave 2 will be packed this coming week alongside the remainder of orders that contain the Magician Gal Dice.
  • The Oversleeves restock that were available for sale on 5/14 are currently in transit to us.

Unvaulted Mats:

  • These are currently being packed by the Fulfillment Team alongside the Magician Gal Dice and are expected to finish within the next week or two.

Signer Queen Mats:

  • The Signer Queen Mats have finished production have been received by the Fulfillment Team. These are currently being packed alongside the Magician Gal Dice orders.

KC BEWD Authentic Leather Letterman Jacket:

  • These have been successfully received by the Fulfillment Team and will ship after orders that contain the Magician Gal Dice and Wave 2 Oversleeves.

Miscellaneous Field Centers and Sleeves (March):

  • All of the Field Centers and Sleeves purchased in March will be packed and shipped out alongside the KC Jackets after the Magician Gal and Wave 2 Oversleeves ship out.

Trevor Project Field Centers:

  • The Fulfillment Team has the Magician Gal x Harpy Field Centers; however, the Pharaoh x CEO Field Centers could not be remade by another manufacturer domestically after they were destroyed by customs in November 2021.

  • As compensation, we will be sending all customers with extra Magician Gal x Harpy sleeves. These sleeves are currently in transit to us. 

  • The full resolution images for the Pharaoh x CEO will be available for download and anyone has permission to print for personal use. We are very sorry that we could not deliver these Field Centers to you.

Trinity Kickstarter:

  • All products from the Trinity Kickstarter have been completed and received by the Fulfillment Team with the exception of the Artbooks.

  • We will be sending out all orders without the Artbooks as most customers have been asking about the accessories that were ordered with them. We have reordered the Artbooks and will send them out to all customers once they finish production later on. Order fulfillment will begin after the KC Jackets.

The Gilded Rose Deck Boxes:

  • These are currently all on schedule and should be completed sometime in June. These may take some time to ship as we want to take extra precautions to make sure these are shipped in accordance to their luxury price point.

Goat Plushies:

  • The Goat Plushies are currently in production and are estimated to be a bit delayed. We will likely be receiving these in June and order fulfillment is estimated to occur in July.

General Disclaimers:

If there are any issues or concerns , please contact us in the following locations for any product-related inquiries; please include Order #'s where applicable:

  • https://www.manamoon.com/pages/contact

  • Email us at info@manamoonart.com

We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience and support with us!

 - Sincerely, 
The Mana Moon Art Support Team