Artist About

-  About Us  -

Founded by artists, we specialize in creating custom merchandise using our very own illustration skills and design intuition. We pride ourselves in understanding brands are built off the backs of creators, and practice a business model that truly values that fact; when purchasing one of our products, all collaborators involved in the item's art and concept receive a generous royalty in addition to their commission/working rates.


-  Design Team and Frequent Collaborators  -

Amanda LaPalme- Owner, illustrator, product designer and coordinator. Amanda is the primary producer of Mana Moon content, and serves as a director for collaborators when branching out of her own independent creations.


Kai E- Known for his humorous student revisions and instinct for eye-catching compositions, Kai is one of our most frequent and adored collaborators. He puts great care and thought into creating illustrations that keep the viewer's eyes on the canvas, and is an integral piece of our brand's evolution.


Sozomaika- Sozomaika is another industry-level talent, having worked alongside many global brands like DC and Riot Games. Her sense of aesthetic is acute and distinct, in all of the best ways possible; the care and detail she pours into each piece is never unapparent.


Niku_Senpai- The jack-of-all-trades illustrator with a flexible, yet distinct style, Niku also happens to be one of the hardest working artists we know, staying up sleepless nights to perfect his pieces and push them beyond expectation!


KAINONAUT- With unapologetically bold palettes, Kainonaut is the polar opposite of "status quo": he never fails to impress with his ability to create brilliantly vibrant pieces seemingly effortlessly, and his daring use of colors constantly pushes boundaries.