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An adventurer stays behind to fight a demon and allows his party to escape.

He blacks out and wakes up in a strange, dark realm. Before he can remember what happened, he is attacked by horrifying masked aberrations.

He manages to fend some off, but eventually is overwhelmed in numbers and they begin to form into a much larger monster.

Moments before it strikes him down, a wispy black/green blur swoops in and slays the large creature and its stragglers in some flashy movements and attacks.

The wisp, now distinguishable as a cloaked humanoid form, dashes over to the man, who is holding his sword ready to defend against the wraithly figure.

The man shifts from trembling to confused, as the cloaked figure removes his hat and bows politely.

"That was a refreshing display of chivalry you performed, adventurer. Your friends are safe thanks to you." the figure says.

"Wh-... what is going on?" responds the man.

The figure tips his hat back on and extends a hand to shake.

"You died."

(Pan out to the full realm, 'The Valley of Death', and show title: Ankou, Servant of Death)


(Begin Main Chapter: Responsibility)