COST: 85,000 LP - Custom Art 1P Playmat

COST: 85,000 LP - Custom Art 1P Playmat

COST: 85,000 LP - Custom Art 1P Playmat

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COST: 85,000 Life Points
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This item is a free exclusive via the Life Points rewards system and cannot be purchased.

Choose any single character or creature to have made into a full-color game mat.
Disclaimer: Design must be reviewed and approved by Amanda Lapalme Art before being created.

Redemption includes 1 copy of the design printed onto a rubber or cloth playmat.
Cloth playmats will be produced through sublimation printing by Metamats.

The design will be exclusive to the redeeming customer and will not be reproduced.

Upon redemption, please email your custom request idea to for review.  

As this is a reward item, the creation and fulfillment of the custom piece will NOT be immediate and will be affected by Amanda's product schedule. 

We, Amanda LaPalme Art, reserve the right to cancel the custom request without a reward point refund if deemed necessary.