FREE Set of 2 Lightning Dancer Shihouin FC (CODE IN DESCRIPTION)

FREE Set of 2 Lightning Dancer Shihouin FC (CODE IN DESCRIPTION)

FREE Set of 2 Lightning Dancer Shihouin FC (CODE IN DESCRIPTION)

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 Ships February/March 2024.

Code FLASHSTEP for orders of $150 or more of any items listed within the Yasmine & Shinigami Tech Collection to make this Set of 2 Metal Field Centers free! Please remember to add this item to your cart in order to apply this.

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This card is designed to be utilized as Yu-Gi-Oh! Field Center piece or token, featuring the Lightning Dancer Shihouin.

This is a set of 2 Metal Field Centers with full color artwork on both sides and serialized in unique laser numbers ranging from 001 to 600 in limitation.

Please note that numbers are random and we do not take number requests.

Material Details: Made of stainless steel with a gold finish and full color artwork.

Size Information: These Metal Field Centers follow standard playing card dimensions, measuring approximately 3.5 x 2.5 inches in length and width, and fits Standard-Sized sleeves.

Limitation: This is a serialized limited edition item, meaning it will only be available in the quantity originally printed and include unique laser numbering on the front of each Metal Field Center.

For this series in particular, 600 Metal Field Centers have been produced. The number you may receive is not predetermined by any external factor or request.

About the Artists: This artwork was illustrated collaboratively with A. LaPalme and Kai E.

Disclaimer: Unlike paper cards, micro scratches/air pockets, dents, and other minor imperfections are an inherent result of the manufacturing process of these Metal Field Centers and should be expected to a minor degree. While these items are inspected before packing for any major issues rendering them unsuitable, some cards may slip through that are not quite to standard.

Please visit the contact page for support if your card has a severe manufacturing flaw and our Quality Team will review your request for potential compensation.