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Ariza Contest Winners

1st Place

Coffee Plus Stylus

Instagram: @coffeeplusstylus

The amount of details in this piece blew me away! Click to zoom- the textures on the gold sleeves are immaculate, and I love the touch with the glowing sealing spell.

2nd Place


Twitter: @FallenITD

The vibrant colors and dynamic perspective easily made this one of my favorite pieces. I really fell in love with the style!

3rd-6th Place

Bow Bowater

Facebook: @Lewdpaws

I love the sharp and clean linework of this entry!

Johnny Vu

Instagram: @JohnnyVuArts Twitter: @JohnnyVuArts

The heavy detail work for the background elements and the way they all frame Ariza is brilliantly done! Love the various masks and elements!

Katherine Fortune

Instagram: @KFortuneArt Artstation: @KFortuneArt

I'm a sucker for pastel palettes and this one hit hard home! Love the soft look of this.

Armin Sokocevic

Instagram: @arminsoko Twitter: @ASokocevic

The traditional manga look of this one really caught my eye, and I love the pose, for obvious reasons- great use of dynamic anatomy! 

Honorable Mentions

Cynthia Michelle

This entry's so cute, I love the style!

Alex Waskelo

Facebook: @PizzaGirlComic Instagram: @level9chao Twitter: @PizzaGirlComic

I really appreciate the details and perspective here- twilight/evening lighting in a city glow setting is a very difficult look to nail, and it was done wonderfully here!

Ellen Thomas

Instagram: @pellen101

What a phenomenal composition!

Giulio Sciaccaluga

Facebook: @DarkLusterComics Instagram: @ShinBross Twitter: @Shinbross_DL

I love the way Ariza looks like she's ready to completely mess someone up here!

Sunayna Patel

Instagram: @_svnayna >Twitter: @svnayna 

Beautiful entry, love the flowers!

Ariel Bunnling

Instagram: @Bunnling_Art Twitter: @Bunnling_Art Twitch: Bunnling

That hand pose isn't easy to draw, but Bunnling pulled it off here with an overall beautiful entry!

I honestly wanted to caption each and every single entry because I adored so many of these and had such a hard time picking (so much that I added this Honorable Mention section and giving $20 gift cards to everyone in it).

Thank you to everyone who took the time to draw Ariza, and I hope to hold more contests like this in the future!