Throwback Mystery Box

Throwback Mystery Box
Throwback Mystery Box
Throwback Mystery Box
Throwback Mystery Box
Throwback Mystery Box
Throwback Mystery Box
Throwback Mystery Box

Throwback Mystery Box

Regular price $200.00

PLEASE READ: Ships this week (19th-23rd Dec 2022), however , due to USPS holiday volume delays, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. Please do not add other items in your cart alongside these bundles, or your order may be delayed or canceled.


Due to the nature of this bundle, the "Throwback Mystery Box" sets are only returnable with original seals unbroken.



x1 Cloth Mat: RANDOM 1-Player or 2-Player Cloth Playmat (2020-2022)

x1 Hybrid Mat: RANDOM Pristine Hybrid Playmat (1-Player, Cloth Top with Rubber Bottom, assorted reprints of 2020+ designs)

x1 Matching FC Set: A COMPLETE SET of 2021 Seasonal Rose Witch (x4 FCs) -OR- A COMPLETE SET of Magical Gals (x3 FCs)

x3 FC Mystery Pack: RANDOM Metal Trading Cards (2020-2022)

x4 Sleeves: RANDOM Packs of 50 or 70ct JP sleeves (2020-2022)

x4 Dice: RANDOM Metal Dice (2020-2022)

x1 MISPRINT Cloth Mat Bag: x1 RANDOM zippered water-resistant bag (2021-2022)

x5 Vinyl Stickers: assorted stickers (2020-2022)

x2 Pins: RANDOM enamel lapel pin (2019-2022)

x? "Surprise" Specialty Tokens: x"?" (2018-2022)

Total: $400+ value, 150 box sets total.


Please note these boxes are truly randomized and pre-packed prior to orders placed, so purchasing multiple bundles still may not guarantee the ratio.


Cloth Mat:

Each box will include a RANDOM 1-Player or 2-Player cloth game mat. These are all original prints we kept reserves of, some dating as far back as 2019.

The mat included in each box will come from an assorted pool of the following designs:

- Strike Angels (2P, from the original box set, MetaMats fabric)

- Magical Gals (1P and 2P, MetaMats fabric)

- Motokat (1P, MetaMats fabric w/ deluxe backing)

- Ronin Ecclesia & Fleur (1P, MetaMats fabric w/ deluxe backing)

- Jinxed! (2P DLES, Pvramid)

- Farra (2P DLES, Pvramid)

- OG 2020 Chaos Dragons VARIANT (2P, MetaMats fabric)

- OG 2020 Winda (1P, MetaMats fabric)

- OG 2020 Strike Angels (1P, MetaMats fabric)

- OG 2020 Manga Master VARIANT (2P, Manga! box set variant in Green, MetaMats fabric) 

- OG 2021 Champion's Forces (1P, MetaMats fabric w/ deluxe backing)

- OG 2021 Botanikill Sisters (1P, MetaMats fabric)

- OG 2021 Hallowed Rose Witch (1p, MetaMats fabric w/ deluxe backing)

Hybrid Mat:

Each box will include 1 Hybrid game mat. Hybrid mats are rubber playmats with a soft, smooth microfiber cloth top. The hybrids in this set were thoroughly inspected and "L to R slide tested", which means no directional grip when fanning cards from Left to Right.

The mat included in each box will come from an even quantity pool of the following 1-Player designs:

- OG Winda (2020 art)

- OG Omega (2020 art)

- Spy Brigade 

- Aluna

- Jinxed!

- Raising Hell

- Gluttony vs Omen

Matching FC Set:

1 in 4 Chance of the Magical Gal set being a Rose Witch Set instead. Please note the serializations ("00X/00X") on these sets are not guaranteed to match.

FC Mystery Pack:

Each box will include a pack of 3 randomized discontinued Metal Trading Cards.

1 in 3 Throwback Boxes have a "LEGENDARY" FC in the mystery pack, from a pool of the following 50 "LEGENDARY" cards:

x12 Silver DEFECT Origin Rose 

x11 Rose Gold DEFECT Origin Rose 

x8 Sakura Dust Dragon Rewards FC (all single-digit serialization)

x6 Eva Strike Angels

x5 Fallen Ixch Rewards FC

x3 Alt Spring Rewards FC

x2 GOTH Rewards FC

x2 "STAFF" Rainbow Masq

x1 TEST Eva Strike Angels



Each box will include 4 unique packs (no duplicates).

1 of the 4 packs is guaranteed to be "LEGENDARY" while the remaining 3 being "uncommon". 

All 4 packs come from a pool of discontinued designs.

UNCOMMON Pool: Signer Queens, Winter Witches, Cocomagi,  Dark Magi, or 1 Botanikill Sisters)

LEGENDARY Pool : Completionist Striker, Wyrnmaidens, Dark Dragon Knight, Ronin Ecclesia, Ronin Fleur, Barren Blossom, Reaper Rose, Bunny Rose, Holographic Puppet, Crowley, Holographic Vera)



Each box will include 4 unique dice (no duplicates).

All dice in this box are very "RARE" and long sold out. They are fully randomized from a massive pool of discontinued enamel coated designs from 2020 mixed evenly with our new chipless plated dice in 2022. We do not have any guaranteed numbers or ratios on these as they were consolidated without counting, but the assortment is so diverse, it will be near impossible for most boxes to have the same combination of 4.


MISPRINT Cloth Mat Bag:

Each Box will include one zippered water-resistant bag. Artwork misprint does not fully extend to the edges of the bag borders. There is an even chance from a pool of 2 designs:

50% of boxes contain Farra Mint

50% of boxes contain Aluna Black



Each box will include 5 assorted Waterproof/Outdoor Vinyl Stickers, sizes between 2.5 - 4 inches. These are all discontinued designs from 2020-2021.

Each box will include a guarantee of each:

x1 Rozen Striker

x1 Rei Striker

x1 Blaze Striker

x1 Motokat

x1 RANDOM sticker selected from a pool of: Zoo Taiga, Crowley, Smug Vera, Botanikill Cularia, Manga Magi Gal



Each box will include 2 assorted enamel lapel pins from a pool of the following: 

Strike Angel, Motokat, Frogs, Taro, Ghost Girls, Botanikill Cularia

"Surprise" Specialty Tokens:

Each box will include ONE of the following cards/sets listed:

- A set of 3 Battle Doll Cutout FCs (total pool: 10 sets, 1 E-Ko, 1 Lea, 1 Bun in each set)

- A 3D Metal Puppetmaster FC (total pool: 20 cards)

- A complete set (9 cards total) of MHA/BNHA HERO Alter cards from 2018 (total pool: 100 sets)

- A hand-filled enamel Striker Completionist FC Badge (total pool: 10, equal chance of either Rei or Rozen)

- A hand-filled enamel Devil Twin Completionist FC Badge (total pool: 10, equal chance of either Trouble or Lilikiss)