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Leoris' intimidating demonic stature storms through the cottage door. Adina is sitting in a chair by the fireplace knitting, and Lily is on the floor drawing. 


Upset over Lily losing interest in what she specifically had asked for, he saunters inside with his eyes aglow and enraged, now looming with crossed arms above Lily who's sitting on the ground creating crayon art, which is currently obstructed by the camera angle.





 Next flashback chapter summary outline:

It is revealed Leoris and Anubis swept into Arin's village invasion and saved him at the last moment during the attack.

This event is where the main villain of the story appears: EVE



Eve was sealed away long ago by the council, but is trying to gain a new body, the

reason behind the cycles of spawns and Zeniths that appear in the story.

However, nothing seems to be able to sustain his toxic energy, soon dissolving.

During this encounter with Eve at Arin's village, Leoris witnesses his father slain by the brute. Eve's temporary failed body can't hold for much longer, and dissolves soon after. Leoris is left paralyzed during this fight and blacks out, later waking up in Arin's apothecary, who shows him some hospitality that leads into dialogue about Alexa.

This brings the final act, "Till Life do Us Part":