Magical Gal Mystery Bag

Magical Gal Mystery Bag

Magical Gal Mystery Bag

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Due to the nature of this bundle, the "Magical Gal Mystery Bag" sets are only returnable with original seals unbroken.



x1 Cloth Mat: RANDOM 1-Player or 2-Player Cloth Playmat (2020-2022)

x1 Matching Magical FC Set: A COMPLETE SET of Magical Gals (x3 FCs, double-sided, serializations may not match)

x1 FC: RANDOM Metal Trading Cards (2020-2022)

x2 Packs of Magical Sleeves: 50ct Choccy and 50ct Magician Gal

x2 Packs of Sleeves: RANDOM 50-70ct (2020-2022)

x2 Dice: RANDOM Metal Dice (2020-2022)

x1 MISPRINT Cloth Mat Bag: x1 RANDOM zippered water-resistant bag (2021-2022)

x2 Vinyl Stickers: assorted stickers (2020-2022)

x1 Pin: RANDOM enamel lapel pin (2019-2022)